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Åsa Ekdahl

Head, Environment and Climate Change, World Steel Association

Secretary to worldsteel’s Environment Committee (ECO)
Open Forum convener

I’m pleased to announce that the Open Forum 2024 will take place in Brussels, Belgium on 11 – 12 June.

The Open Forum aims to address topics of interest to the steel industry ecosystem by reaching beyond steelmakers to engage with stakeholders, including equipment manufacturers, suppliers, intergovernmental organisations, environmental NGOs, financial institutions and academia.

The format of the Open Forum 2024 will be similar to previous years with room for about 150 in-person participants but with additional possibilities for worldsteel members to join online.
The topics to be discussed include:

  • Catalysts of change and pivotal moments for the steel industry transition
  • Climate policy developments
  • CBAM and carbon markets
  • Common measurement standards and chain of custody approaches
  • Climate litigation, green claims and conflict of interest
  • Our people – skills, just transition and communities
worldsteel members can attend free of charge, but there will be a fee of €500 (excluding VAT) for non-members. Registration will open in the second half of March.

Until then, have a look at our website for a flavour of previous Open Forums.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let me know (